Dedicated To You

We believe technology is a tool to enrich our lives. It connects us with the ones we care about and helps us accomplish our goals. We also believe technology should be safe, easy and affordable.  That’s why at MacTraders, our focus is providing state-of-the-art products, support and services in a personal and customized way. We will take the time to explore your needs, seek to understand your challenges and develop the best solutions possible.




Our Values:


Technology should be made simple, secure & affordable. We strive to make sure technology is an enabler and not an hindrance.  


We love what we do and are enthusiastic to help! We are 100% commited to making our customers happy, no matter what it takes to get us there.


While we have a ton of experience to offer, we have a customized approach and listen to your needs. 


Meet Your Team


Our founder, a visionary and a creative at heart, Glenn oversees all of our goings-on as well as our business development and strategic planning activities. He brings a diverse background of successful start-ups and non-profit work. A conversationalist, he is in tune with business needs and probably the only one on the team that can actually carry a tune.

Fun facts: Song writer, Children’s Storyteller, Epic silly-face maker.


As well as being a master organizer and our co-founder, Kecia is our numbers woman. She keeps track of our digits ensuring we are solid as a rock and our business is running right and tight. When all things are quiet on the shop floor, a disco ball drops down from her office ceiling and the party ensues.

Fun Facts: Dancing queen, Book fanatic, Yoga lover.

Grant – The Muscle

Driven by process, Grant’s analytical eye oversees the managing and developing of IT services and solutions. He works closely with our clients to make sure their requirements and our solutions coincide. Grant has an uncanny knack for getting to the bottom of things…maybe being the only one on the team with the ability to do a flying arm bar helps.

Fun Facts: Retired cage fighter, Scared of heights.

Marie – The Thinker

Marie is our technologist and strategic thinker with a passion for IT security and using technology for the good cause. A transplant from the corporate and law enforcement world, she brings her business experience to Mactraders. Don’t worry, she really isn’t reading your email. Really.

Fun Facts: Former Kickboxer, Science-Fiction reader, Passionate about Women’s Self-Defense.

Technical Sales Consultant

Chris’ experience in customer service and client relations, as well as his technical Mac prowess, has made him an integral part of the MacTraders team.  With an eye for detail and a friendly smile, Chris is always ready and able to assist.

Fun Facts:  Details to come…..or maybe he just likes to be mysterious.

Bryan – The Fixer
Smart Device Repair Technician

If there ever was someone that could take something apart and put it back together again, Bryan is the guy! He has expertise in smart phone and smart device repairs, even when the situation seems hopeless. Bryan loves a challenge – we are talking iPad repairs people! And, no matter how small the parts and pieces, he can fit them all back together with NO leftover screws.

Fun Facts: Bryan plays a mean air drum, coaches flag football and loves to teach. He is a self-proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades, just minus the Jack.

Quote: “I am a T-shirt wearing, flip-flop cruising California kid born to live here in the PNW.

P.S. Bigfoot is out there, someday we will find him or the dude wearing the monkey suit.”