Protecting the Important Things

At MacTraders, we can help you determine and setup the best backup plan for your situation. We can also help migrate existing data to new computer systems and devices. Our goal is to ensure your data is available, protected and secured from possible disaster.

Backing Up Your disc-1085276_1920Data & Files – Why it is Important?

Having a backup of your most important data protects it in the unfortunate case somethings breaks or goes wrong.  With a solid backup and recovery plan, recovery is made simple.

Here are some of the most common ways users can experience data loss:

  • Virus Infection – Ransomware, malware and viruses can deny you access to your files, corrupt files and disable systems.
  • Computer Crashes & Hard Drive Failures – Crashes and failures can happen when you least expect it and can lead to data loss.  Hard drives have a finite lifetime and the sudden crash of a hard drive can result in data loss of important files.
  • Physical damage – Mobile devices and laptops can be damaged if dropped or exposed to water or liquid damage.
  • User Error – Important files are accidentally deleted all of the time.
  • Theft – The theft of laptops and mobile devices is significant and can occur from areas such as automobiles, libraries, schools, airports, cafes, hotels, etc.