Remote Training/Troubleshooting Session $65/hour

Remote Training/Troubleshooting Session $65/hour

If both you and your computer are feeling sick, we may be able to help your computer from a distance! Call us to schedule a Remote Training/Troubleshooting session!

Simply schedule a 1-to-1 Remote Coaching Session by calling the store.  At your scheduled time, your assigned technician will call you on the phone and walk you through the setup of a 1-time remote access viewing session, using your home based network and computer and a 1-time use passcode.  That allows our technician to view what is on your computer screen, without him or her having to come into your home!

If you’d prefer to have us install the remote access software on your machine, pre-emptively, stop by the shop for a quick complimentary installation (we will sanitize everything when we are done!).  We won’t be able to access your screen until you provide us with the 1-time use passcode.

We can do Remote 1-to-1 coaching, basic troubleshooting, malware cleanup, etc., based on your needs.  Sessions can be Linux, Windows or Mac related and are $65/hour.  Contact the store to schedule a session today.

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