1 to 1 Personalized training

One of the things that differentiates MacTraders from the average “Computer Repair Store” is our passion for helping our customers.  We want you to have the opportunity to learn more about and enjoy the products and technology that shapes all of our lives.

As a result, we offer 1-to-1 training  in your home, at your office and in-store.  Classes are customized for your needs.  Want to learn how to sync your computer with all of your mobile devices?  No problem!  Want to become more educated on safe technology use and web browsing?  We have you covered! Want to learn how to better utilize a specific app or program? We can help you with that!

Topics include (but are not limited to):  New computer training, iPhone/iPad basics,  Apple Computer basics, Windows PC basics, Android basics, MS Office, Pages/Numbers/Keynote, video-editing, Quicken/Quickbooks set-up, Audio creation, website creation, Apple ID/iCloud password issues, Media consolidation, Gaming, Parallels, Home Tech Setup, Basic Home Networking, and more!

Trainings start at $59 in-store and $79 offsite.  By Appointment.

Znitro Tempered Glass Lifetime – $49

$49 zNitro Tempered Glass.  Hammer tested, Oleophobic coating, Scratch Proof, 8H Superior Hardness.  Includes zNitro part, installation and a lifetime warranty. Tempered glass for iPhones and iPads (all models).

Carbon Fiber Wraps, $59.99 installed

$59.99 – Carbon Fiber Wrap. Colors vary but include pink, red, orange, blue, black, purple, white and silver. Price includes installation. Certain colors may require special order. Laptop not included.

Add your own personal style to your Mac laptop! These wraps have specially formulated bubble-free adhesive technology and are not only a decorative skin, but also protect your laptop from harm.